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P.O. Box 68 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2b)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki
phone: +358-9-191 51501 and +358-9-191 51502
fax: +358-9-191 51400
email: mathstat-info(at)



The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is the biggest university department of mathematical sciences in Finland. The department belongs to the Faculty of Science. The department is located in the Kumpula Campus.

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Top science



Research at the University of Helsinki is at a high international level. Two national Centres of Excellence of the Academy of Finland operate at the department, The Finnish Centre of Excellence in Analysis and Dynamics Research and The Finnish Centre of Excellence in Inverse Problems Research.

The department includes the Rolf Nevanlinna Institute, which is an institute for applied research of mathematics and statistics.

Better than the eye

“Mathematics has proved to be the new eyes. It helps see into places where we would not otherwise be able to see,” says Lassi Päivärinta, Director of the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Inverse Problems.




Each year several hundred students studying for main and secondary subjects study at the department.

Admissions for study programs in mathematics are made through the Faculty of Science, and admissions for study programs in statistics either through the Faculty of Science or the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Enchanting statistics

“I enjoy analytical thinking and calculation. Fields that are just all talk are really not my thing,” Dong says.