A national workshop on


Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Helsinki
31.8.2005 at 12-18

The workshop Automata, words and logic aims to bring together researchers working on automata theory, combinatorics of words, logic and related areas. This time AWL is arranged in connection to the meeting Finite-State Methods and Natural Language Processing 2005. The goal is to promote interaction between researchers of the field in the Finnish universities, but others are naturally welcome.

The programme consisted of 30 minutes presentations given by the participants.

The workshop took place in the Auditorium of the Arppeanum building in the city centre of Helsinki.


12.00-12.30Anssi Yli-Jyrä, Some connections between theoretical computer science and linguistics
12.35-13.05Eugen Czeizler, A tight linear bound on the neighborhood of inverse cellular automata
13.10-13.40Lauri Hella, Games for regular languages
13.50-14.20Ryan Siders, Quantifier-rank levels in the theories of Linear Order and Wellorder
14.25-14.55Tomi Kärki, Transcendence of numbers with a low complexity expansion
15.30-16.30Invited talk: Stephan Foldes, Boolean functions and finite functions [Related preprints]
16.40-17.10Jari Kivelä, Equational classes of Boolean functions and frame definability in modal logic
17.15-17.45Elena Czeizler, Intricacies of Word Equations
17.50-18.20Petri Salmela, Commutation of Languages and the Fixed Point Approach
18.25-18.55Andrea Meinander, Uniform word problem for ortholattices [Transparencies]

A list of the speakers and abstracts

Organizers: Kerkko Luosto, Hannu Niemistö