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Measurement and Survey Methodology (MSM)


The researchers of various fields have the data and the questions, while statisticians often have the best knowledge how to use the methods. Together they create a powerful combination! One of the best ways to cooperate is to write joint articles in international journals. It benefits both parties.

Our research group is actively reaching for cooperation with researchers from other departments (and universities or research institutions). Postgraduate students and other researchers are welcome to contact us with any methodological challenges already when planning a new study. We also recommend our method courses, since there is strong evidence that the skills learned on the courses can be immediately utilized in research.

In recent years, we have had fruitful cooperation for example with researchers of applied biology, applied chemistry, archaeology, dentistry, economics, education, food technology, forest economics, forest ecology, linguistics, medicine, psychology, social psychology, sociology, and speech sciences. In the future, we expect the cooperation to extend to many other interesting fields of research as well.


The members of the group have good connections to several official research and other institutions in Finland, for example:

In all these institutions (as well as in many others), the methods of measurement and survey methodology play a vital part in the collection and analysis of statistical data.

These institutions offer good jobs for statistics students having interest and skills in measurement and survey methodology areas. There are also several private research and other companies providing interesting challenges.

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