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Measurement and Survey Methodology (MSM)


The measurement and survey methodology (social statistics) studies are well suited for all students of statistics (both major and minor). The skills in using methods may be crucial for getting a job, because everywhere there is a constant need of people who can master the statistical methods. Also those who are interested in research, should know how to use the methods. The studies of measurement and survey methodology give extremely good support for undergraduate or postgraduate studies of any field.

Most of the courses are taught in Finnish, but there are some courses in English, like Introduction to statistics and Second course in statistics. Some special courses might be lectured in English, such as McMC (Markov chain Monte Carlo) or Generalized linear models. There have also quite frequently been courses of Data analysis in English.

In addition, it is possible - by making an agreement with the corresponding teacher - to complete certain courses independently, by reading literature, analyzing data sets and writing reports.

General information on studies is found from the Faculty of Social Sciences. All courses of statistics (and mathematics) are listed on the studies page of the Department.

Statistical programs

A variety of statistical programs (like Survo, R, SPSS and SAS) are used on the method courses. It is recommended to have the basic knowledge of at least one of these programs when entering a method course.

Statistical Software Providers page of Stata program lists over 200 statistical programs with links to their websites. Different programs are needed, since none of them can do everything.

More information in Finnish

There is more detailed information, but only in Finnish on courses, practical training, and doing a Bachelor's or Master's thesis.

Please do not hesitate to contact the teachers, if you are interested in the studies of measurement and survey methodology!

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