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Welcome to the OpenBugs pages!

For those in a rush, the zip file for the latest version, 3.0.3 (released to the wild in September 2007), is here, which includes the source code. There are also some notes about what was new in 3.0.1 here. 3.0.3 is mainly bug fixes (and removing typos in the manual!).

BUGS (Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling) is a piece of computer software for the Bayesian analysis of complex statistical models using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods. It has been developing and maturing over the years, and is probably best known in its WinBugs incarnations. The latest version can run on Windows and Linux, as well as from inside the R statistical package.

The programme is available for download from the Software page. The distribution now includes the source code. The Manuals explain how to use BUGS, and there is also a large number of Examples.

IceBUGS Workshop

IceBUGS was held in February 2006. See the web page for more details, including slides from the talks.

The WinBUGS site remains active, and includes information on how to join the WinBUGS mailing list here.

The Chief Software Bug is Andrew Thomas, with web assistance from Real Bug Bob O'Hara. Other members of the BUGS team are statisticians David Spiegelhalter, Nicky Best, Dave Lunn and Ken Rice. Dave Lunn has also made major contributions to the software development.

If you want to contact the maintainers with your own software bugs, email us (or, for the moment, boh at We will sort out a new email address soon).

        Last Updated   September 2007